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2017 - Unprecedented Prosperity

We'll see unprecedented prosperity and unprecedented harvest. God has shown forth on our behalf. We are celebrating victories- one holding onto the heels of another, right from the beginning.

I see us standing out; I see solutions coming from the church. I see persecutions but I see victories in and from them all. I see some of those persecutions bringing spotlights on us for good. I see men, kings and nations coming to our light.

I hear shouts of victories and celebrations in the midst of darkness. I hear people saying the tides have changed to favor them. I hear them say their God is strong and fighting for them. 

Who can resist Him?

It's the year of mighty outpourings of the Spirit of God; mighty workings of miracles and great harvests of the Spirit.

Let's walk in faith like never before, pray like never before, sow our seeds like never before and take hold of all that God, in Christ has gotten for us.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year! Unprecedented prosperity is yours.

There is a Mighty Supply!

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah