2011 is our wealthy place.

The hardship has been rolled away.

God is leading us supernaturally in 2011 .

There shall be workings of miracles!

Concerning Our Families;

The death that is suppose to come upon your family will go to some other person.

Everything that the devil has meant for evil, God has turned around for good.

People that matter are coming to bow down to you.

Just as the stone was rolled away from the tomb of Jesus, so the things that are have hindered us have been rolled away, The hardship has been rolled away.

Revelation has come to our families, light has flooded us.

See your family as the perfect family; the wealthiest family.

Joel 3:18

As you prophesy in 2011, you will see signs in heaven and wonders on the earth.

We are living in the days of fulfillment of prophecies.

The mountains are dropping down new wines for us. The seasons we are in are seasons of wealth. Money is coming into our hands like never before. You will be discovered and preferred above all. Something is unlocked in the hearts of men and women towards you. There is spotlights upon you.


The season of dryness is over. The streams of making money are blossoming.

All your rivers are filled with waters. A fountain has broken forth in our midst and in our lives and it has gone out and watering the whole earth. Presidents will come and drink of this water and this fountain, We will lend money to nations.


This is the time of manifestations.

The times of restoration of all things.

More Glory in 2011

This is time of the manifestation of the Spirit and this is bringing restoration of Glory and Honour to the Church.

Great days are just starting in our lives.Β 

2011... GREAT DAYS!

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah