Why are you worried? Why are you anxious? Why are you fretting? Why are you thinking about the things that are not? Why are you thinking with dread about the things that you are afraid will come to pass? Why are you worried about the things that have not manifested yet? Why do you say - see my friends, see my mates, they have gone - they have gone ahead of me. Why is it that I seem to be crippled in these affairs concerning my life? 

Hear the word of the Lord says the Spirit of the living God - the Lord is catapulting you, He is putting you ahead of others simply by His grace. You are overtaking, there is a restoration. You are coming to the place of destiny and there is no change - no switch in time. The restoration of time, the restoration of things that God has spoken by the mouth of His prophets before the world began, yea the time is now saith God. There are restorations of finances, there are restorations of relationships, there are restorations of marriages - parents are coming together again. 


Why are you fretting, why are you anxious, why are you trying to work with your hands that which only my grace can do? Rest in my love, relax in my love and look to your front and see the miraculous happen by the grace of my Spirit saith the Spirit of God.

The days of dryness, the days of famine, the days of droughts, the days of not enough, the days of lack, they are over. They are over for you they are not over for the world, for the world will yet experience shakings, yet experience darkness, gross darkness upon the people; they will yet see the things, the sufferings they have never seen before. Now shall it be said that the distinction between light and darkness is getting more and more clearer for in this day saith God, you will see the distinction between my people and the people of the world. For when they say there is a casting down - you will say there is a lifting up; when they say there is dryness - you will yet say there are springs in the dessert; when they say there is no way - you will say the Lord has made a way upon the sea. The days of freshness are here; for you are like a palm tree planted by the waters that brings forth fruit in its season. 

There is no dryness saith God. There is no famine saith God. Get off the calculations; get off all the subtractions, the additions, the divisions. They say, no this way, that way no - for supernaturally it shall come. There shall be no wind, there shall be no rain but the valleys shall be filled with water. 

The chains are broken, the prison doors are open, the metal barriers have been removed, everything that has stopped you has been taken out of the way, walk out, walk up, run in the strength of Jehovah saith God. Let nothing stop you any longer not even the people that are laughing and saying eh.. eh.. eh.., look at him, look at him, how far will he go ? Eh.. eh.. eh.., we know where he is coming from, we know how far he can go! Eh.. eh.. eh.., he has come to borrow money from us before, he has done the things that we know. 

Don’t look at those people saith God. Look not at the nay sayers, listen not to the nay sayers but look up at the face of Christ. Look up at the power of the risen Christ and those same people that made you a laughing stock will be the ones that will bow down at you feet. Those same people that said let’s go, let’s see how far he will go will be the ones that will come and meet you and say we always knew that Jehovah God was with you - show us the way. We will follow you, we will follow you through thick and thin, we will follow you in the rain, we will follow you in the sun, we will follow you every time, show us the way.

The days are here, we are walking up. The glory of the Lord through us is filling the whole earth; the knowledge of that glory, the knowledge of the vibes is filling the whole earth, not by might, not by power but by the power of my Spirit.

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah