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Men on Fire - Miracle and Healing Convention Abuja 2017

I see men on fire, I see the effect of Miracle and Healing Convention - #MHC2017 affecting nations, the harvest has come - rushing in like a flood, men are taking over and establishing great institutions that are blessing millions around the world because of the grace and almightiness of God upon them.


It's a time like no other, joy like no other, increase like no other, indeed the spotlight is on you and indeed men are pressing unto you because of the grace and favor of God, policies and laws are being set in place to favor you. We are riding in the high places of the earth, for like a flood, the harvest has swept us.


Some are tempted to say, Lord, this is too much in so short a time; what have I done to deserve these? But it's not in what you have done, it's in what Jesus has done. Just yield and enjoy the fulness of God, rejoice and be glad for indeed the stage has been set and all things are ready.


I see us standing in victory and all things have come to us. We are standing in the victory of Jesus and all things have come to us. People are seeing us running very fast and swiftly and yet we are standing. Jesus did the running for us, we are simply standing in His victory.


This is happening to us this Miracle and Healing Convention Abuja and to all who step in here.

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah