2018 – Savannah Ministries Cross Over Prophecy

Rev Arome Adah

Open your eyes and see, says God: It’s raining.

It’s raining; it’s raining! And even as I speak, I can see it raining all around. It’s raining and the ground is getting wet. So wet that it cannot take in water anymore and so it’s flowing and the rain has become the Overflow. 

For I have given corn, wine and oil, says God: Overflow. 

You will see the Overflow start in your own individual lives and it will flow to your family, to your community, to the nations and to the world at large in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 

I see lightning; I see thundering of the Spirit. I see things change. I see lightning and suddenly things appear that were not there before! Lightning and again, other things appear that were not there before. I see the supernatural becoming normal and commonplace for the Body of Christ - for the people of God. 

For my people, says God, that will dare to trust me, stand by me and believe me, the supernatural and the miraculous will be commonplace. Because in this year, many of them will find themselves (at many times) in difficult places - in situations that the world will say is impossible. But time and again they will come out of those difficulties and the impossible will be made possible in their lives. Their lives are characterized by the miraculous and by signs and wonders, says God. 

I see clouds - dark clouds. But I see them being blown away by the wind of God. I see men rise up: Prophets and Apostles rise up in power and great might and the world stands in awe and wonder of them. And I see people that were deemed nothing; people called them laymen in the body of Christ. Yet I see them rise up in the miraculous, in signs and in wonders and the world also stands in amazement and in awe of what they do. I see the fear of the Church coming upon people. I see the fear of the Church coming upon the governments of Nations. And I see nations come together to conspire against the church yet I see God deliver the Church out of all their conspiracies - out of all the trouble they can shoot. I see the Church stand as a city upon the hill that cannot be hidden. I see her light shining brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter. And I see this year 2018 being strategic in God’s plan for the end time move. Things are going to happen in this year 2018 spiritually that will form a foundation which will lead to revivals, to the mighty outpourings and will lead to other great things happening in other years! And people will turn back and look at 2018 because it’s a pivotal year.


Did I not tell you to get ready? Explosion has come and it’s starting from your spiritual lives. Deposits have been made and people have even said, “All these deposits; all this praying; all this studying- what is the need? Look at where I am!”

The LORD says, Watch and see. Explosion has started. Popping has started. And now people will see that it was good they made those deposits for now they are reaping. 

And others are saying, let’s begin to make the deposit. Let’s begin to pray, let’s begin to study, let's begin to meditate. 

And as they do, saith God, they enter into it also. 

They enter into the explosion in the same way, and in the same manner. And yet I see others still standing with their hands folded and they say, “Is that what is happening? Why? There is no need.” 

I see them going around trying to even convince others saying, “There is no need for making this deposit in your life.” 

And yet because of these other people’s conviction and their obedience to the promptings of the Spirit, they still continue in the light of it and now they are reaping. 

Again I hear in my heart: get ready for an explosion. For I see a building upon another building. I see the top building push the other one down. For what is happening is displacing what has been before. It’s taking it completely out of the scene. It’s pushed the previous one down so much that you would not know that there was another building there before. Just the new one that you see. 

There is a displacement for I have said in My word, I will uproot and I will plant. 

The old one is uprooted and the new one is planted: particularly concerning this nation. There’s a mighty display that we are going to see the manifestation of in this 2018. A complete replacement that, when you look carefully, you will not have an idea that an old building was standing there before. It’s a complete replacement. 

Don’t ask how, just believe me, says God, and see it come to pass.


Rev Opara

For no more will they say, “Where is your God?” 

No more, no more! No more will they say, “Where is your God?” 

For My outstretched arm is stretched out on your behalf. No more will they question, “Where is your God?” 

No more!

That will be a thing of forgotten past. No more will they say, “Where is your God?”

It looked before now as though their powers and the power of My strength on your behalf were at par. But look again because they come no place close or near to what is happening in your life. No more will they say, “Where is your God?” 

As you receive these gracious words, no more will they say, “Where is your God?” 

For in this new season and in this New Year, that will never happen again because for sure they will see Me stand tall and strong on your behalf, says the Spirit of the LORD.


Air Commodore Philips

Indeed this year is pivotal. This is the year of My manifest glory. Yes, it’s your year of glory and favor. Like in the days of Solomon, people shall seek you. People shall come to you to ask strange questions and to behold you to see, to know, to understand your connection with My Name. 

It’s a year of strange things. Wealth. A year of great things; a year of answers. A year of you being the solution. You stand out. And prayer is at the connection between what I do and what you do. You stand out. The whole world shall stand in awe of the Church because money has come to the body of Christ. Honor has come to the body of Christ. It’s time for souls in their millions and in their billions to come. It is time for the church of Jesus to take leadership and this is the year of the manifestation of My Glory. My Glory is manifest to all men. It is manifest for all to see. It is no more hidden. 

As has been said: laymen on the streets, in the hospitals, in the schools manifesting My glory. Working in unusual wisdom, in uncommon testimonies and the whole world stands in awe. They come to see you. They come to hear you. They come to know your connection with Me. It is time for the Church. Glory. Favor. A great year; a great year where you are just doing things simply but they are being manifested in glorious wonders. It’s an amazing year. Indeed, a year of upgrade. Indeed, a year of recovery. A year of rejoicing. Testimonies hanging on the heels of each other.

Praise God

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