Growth Disappeared

I woke up on the 24th of December 2005 to discover a sharp pain by the left side of my belly which came with a growth . The pain however left after I was ministered to in Healing Convention in Gboko. But the growth left a big lump in the inner part of my belly, and that lump kept me in fear as I was not sure of what was in there.

I was to undergo an x-ray and medical examination but would not go because I was not ready to receive any negative doctor's report. So, I kept trusting God and that was one of my desires while going for Glory and Honour: Savannah Ministries' Campmeeting 2006 to be healed of the unusual growth.

On the Thursday of the event while Fl. Lt Amuneni was ministering healing to the sick, I came out to the healing line as he had mentioned a case of Cancerous growth. Hands were laid on me and I believed I received my healing. The power of God was intense in that place.

I woke up the following morning (being Friday) and discovered that the growth had disappeared. Glory and Honour was truly awesome.

H. D Β Gboko, Nigeria

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