Healed of HIV-AIDS

Janet Brisong was introduced to this ministry as her longing to be filled with the Holy Spirit with initial evidence of speaking in tongues was intense. She has been to other places before and because she was not filled with the Holy Ghost, she began to believe may be the gift was not for her. But her longing to be one of those who speak in tongues never stopped.

Here in Savannah Ministries, she was taught the word of God and His will to fill her with the Holy Ghost and give her utterance in other tongues. And that happened; she was so excited about that.

But shortly after this, she was diagnosed with HIV. Janet knows very well that the same place she got filled with the Holy Spirit will be able to bring the healing power of God upon her and get her healed of HIV. So, she came back to Savannah Grace Chapel Abuja where she was taught the will of God to heal her of the syndrome. She was prayed for and asked to come for Miracle and Healing Convention 2008 which she attended all the sessions.

Saturday night in the programme, Rev Arome Adah laid hands on everyone present including Janet who believed God for her healing.

The devil rose to prove to her the healing was not done, as she became very sick the following day and had to be admitted into the government hospital in Asokoro Abuja. Tests were run on her and she was found to be HIV negative. Janet had no HIV Virus in her blood anymore for God had healed her.

While in the hospital she called on Saturday and agreed in prayer with a pastor in Savannah Grace Chapel to be discharged from the hospital by Monday and that God did for her also. The doctor in charge walked in Monday morning asking her to go home for nothing was wrong with her. She asked if some drugs were to Β be prescribed for her but the doctor said there was no need for her to take anything. Amazingly, she was asked to leave without paying the hospital bills where she was admitted for up to five days.

God is able to heal and deliver.

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah