Spotlights On Me (Unusual Favour)

I came to Abuja to work for the senator of my state (Benue state). I had been working with him for some time now and I was staying with a friend. I was invited by my friend that I was staying with to the church anniversary, Savannah Grace Chapel Abuja tagged "Our Wealthy Place" and so after work that day, I came to the meeting which was the first day.Β 

Rev. Arome Adah was ministering and he called people out for prayers and saying that "if you need a creative miracle in your life, please come out". Well, at work things had not been going on well so I came out for prayers. On the prayer line he (Rev. Arome Adah) laid hands on me and I fell under the power of God and while I was lying down there, a black form came out of me and when I got up I felt very light and some days later, the senator I had been working for called me and as if I was the only staff, the spotlight came upon me. First of all, he gave me a car (a golf 3) and a laptop with a brand new sony camcorder apart from that, every where I go people seem to favor me and since then, everything has changed and I really want to thank God for his words and grace on me.

Idoko A. (Makurdi)

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