Totally Free

I am really sentimental about Supernatural, I was very sickly as a child and every month, I was always down with either fever or typhoid fever but about 8 years ago in Supernatural, God through Rev. Arome Tokula healed me as since then I was free and have been healed.
Recently I woke up in the morning and could hardly breathe, there was this severe chest pain and I prayed and confessed my healing scriptures but it persisted, so God asked me to see a doctor I knew and he examined me and gave me some prescriptions for pneumonia which I took but the chest pains continued so he asked me to take an x-ray which I did and, after the medications the heart aches even got worse. I came to Supernatural this year, during the meeting Rev. Arome Adah laid hands on me and I got healed, the pain stopped and I trusted God for the result that I wanted so when the x-ray came out and I collected the results, everything was normal.
My chest was clear, lungs clear, my heart was normal, everything was within normal range.

J. A

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