Mighty Supply of Supernatural Finances

Since September this year we have been hearing the message Mighty Supply being preached in church, One mid-week service Rev told us to check our accounts that we would see money we didn't expect. In the month of October I had so much bills to pay, so my wife and I made up our minds that we would hold unto this word no matter the cost, it either works or we get humiliated, I was actually tired of this a little here and there and determined that I must enter a life of unlimited supply. God ministered to me to spend more time in the word, prayer and confession until I was utterly convinced of these things, and so I did. By sunday things became so hard I didn't even have a kobo that weekend, infact my offering that Sunday was my last 30 naira. After service I was reminded of a seed I had to sow by the next day, so in faith I said give me the account number I'll pay the cash online by tomorrow. I went for a programme in church that evening and on my way back home I went to the ATM Machine to withdraw a meagre sum of money that I requested from my brother so I could fuel my car.
On reaching there I was prompted to slot in another ATM card of an account I have barely used neither do I know the account number nor have I given it to anyone. When I slotted it in I saw the account balance of 203,000 naira, I shivered and said its probably an error, I removed it and slotted it in again and it was the same, then I withdrew the money and settled my bills. Besides that series of favour have come my way, in the office a colleague just saw the screen of my samsung tablet which was broken, collected it and fixed it without me requesting. Another senior colleague saw me and said please see me later, I did and he enveloped a good sum of money and handed it to me. God then said to me its just beginning, spend more time as I said and you'll live pepetually in this supernatural realm of mighty supply. What i'm expecting next is to open the boot of my car and see gold bars.


E. O

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