About Us

Savannah Ministries aka Company of the Great was officially commissioned on the 4th of December 1993 in Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria. On the same occasion the General Overseer Rev Arome Adah was formally ordained along with the Director of Churches Rev. Abiodun Ogunribido. Prior to that time (1987), Savannah Fellowship had begun in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State. Savannah Fellowship grew strongly and metamorphosed into Savannah Ministries as directed by God in 1993 to reach out to people around the world. The Ministry now has many establishments around the world. Savannah Ministries is currently registered in Nigeria.

Savannah Ministries London, England began in August 2007 while the f irst Savannah Campmeeting USA was held in June 2010 at Atlanta Georgia. The Lord gave the word; great is the company of them that publish it.


There are five arms in Savannah Ministries, headed by directors. They include:

Savannah Churches

This is charged with the responsibility of church planting, growth and administration. The churches go under the name Savannah Grace Chapel (Company of the Great). The ministry currently has established five churches around Nigeria. This arm is headed by Rev Abiodun Ogunribido. For further information click here.

Savannah Fellowships

Our fellowships on various campuses in Nigeria have touched the lives of the youth in spectacular ways. We believe we are born of God and have overcome the world.This arm is headed by Rev Mosi Mosugu.

Savannah Crusades & Seminars

The ministry organizes conferences, crusades and outreach programs through this arm. The popular Healing Convention is a special healing program often held. Tremendous testimonies are always being recorded from these meetings. This arm is headed by Dr. (Mrs) Ojonugwa Adah (assistant director of crusades and seminar, Savannah Ministries).

Savannah Music

This arm handles all music related activities in the ministry: training of singers, choir and instrumentalists; organizing musical programs like M.O.G. concerts, Relaxing in the Son and Live Music. Programs that reach out to souls through gospel music, traditional and contemporary.

Savannah Publications

All publicity and publications in the ministry are entirelycovered by Savannah Media & Publications. Charged with this responsibility, the arm produces books, magazines, advertisement materials and audio & videos resources. It also manages the ministry's web site. Pastor Joseph Adah is Assistant Director, Savannah Media & Publications.



  • Savannah Ministries has its vision in Four-fold:
  • Build up believers unto maturity
  • Raise up ministers for the end-time harvest
  • Preach the Word of God to the ends of the earth with signs and wonders following
  • Use the Word of God to meet the needs of humanity

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah