Blessing Mankind

Blessing Mankind is a community development ministry. An initiative of Savannah Ministries  to minister to her community and ultimately the whole world.

One of the four visions of Savannah Ministry is to use the Word of God to meet the needs of Mankind. Blessing Mankind is born out of that vision with its scriptural reference taken from 1John 3:17-18

It is a registered Non Profit Organization (NGO) and made up of 4 sectors; Medical, Social, Education and Welfare.

Medical Sector - Comprises of Mobile Clinics giving free medical consultations/services and free drugs to people in need who cannot have access to such services due to circumstances beyond them. Such clinics are held quarterly.

Social Sector – Blessing Mankind has chosen to  focus on the Nigerian Police force. Blessing Mankind will visit them on a quarterly basis providing cleaning services and free cleaning materials. The NGO will also give out reflective jackets, commend their efforts to our community and their hard work. We aim to encourage and show appreciation for their services to the country.

Education - Blessing Mankind will establishment libraries within communities to promote a reading culture mainly among children.

This sector also aims to create HIV awareness among the youth with the focus being secondary schools within Nigeria.

Welfare - This is primarily to help those that need aid within the ministry.

For more information visit the Blessing Mankind website

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah