What is Partnership


Partnership is two coming together to do what either of them cannot do apart.

Partnership is a covenant relationship. It is you seeking ways to bless us and we also seeking ways to bless you.
The Philippians church were financially involved in Paul’s life and ministry. The result was that Paul will be rewarded for all he did, and those who were involved in the finances will be equally rewarded. But then Paul’s anointing and his faith in the word was working for them in all they did. That’s why he said “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by the anointing”.

Their money in his ministry brought the anointing into their lives. Your money in this ministry has brought anointing into your lives. Remember that people are being taught God's word, getting healed, baptised in the Holy Ghost, delivered, and raised unto maturity because of your monthly gifts.

God is faithful, you are faithful and we are faithful. Together we get the work done! Hence there is no stopping to the vision God has given us.

Financial Partner

One of the major life line of this ministry is our financial partners. The financial partners of Savannah Ministries are very dear to our heart. You mean a lot to us and that is why this ministry is committed to ensuring that our financial partners are blessed in every area of their lives.

Our primary motive is not to receive from our partners, but to be a blessing to them. It is our desire to see our partners blessed and all their needs met. That’s right. We don’t just want some of their needs to be met, but ALL of them!

Like Rev. Arome said:

There are places we may never be able to reach without you. We need you to put your faith together with us. Your prayers and also your money!. On the other hand as you walk with Savannah Ministries, the anointing and our faith in God's word will be working for you in all that you do. 

You are a blessing to Savannah Ministries! The anointing will bring to pass every endeavor in your life!

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