Impartation Of Wisdom and Strenght

I keep hearing these words in my heart.

“…People of strength will faint and be weary, people that depend upon their strength will utterly fall, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they that wait upon Yahweh’s Grace shall renew their strength. Hallelujah! They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint haha!

There is no fainting for us this year, no! For we wait upon Yahweh’s Grace, hallelujah. There’s no weariness; we do not faint, we do not lose heart, we do not give up, we do not throw in the towel, no, because we wait upon Yahweh’s grace, and Grace has come upon us. The everlasting one, Yahweh, has infused you with His strength, with His wisdom, Glory to God! Impartation of wisdom as we wait upon God. The Bible says the same wisdom upon Moses came upon Joshua, for Moses had laid His hand upon Joshua. There’s a wisdom that comes from us studying God’s word and meditating, but the wisdom that came upon Joshua that the scriptures refers to, came by impartation. Moses laid his hand upon him and the wisdom of God came upon him; there was an impartation. Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings unto the Lord when he was coronated and made the king of Israel, and there was an impartation of wisdom – the Bible says God gave him an enlargement of heart. As we wait upon God in this week of prophetic prayers, there will be impartation of wisdom as you step out of this place into your businesses, into the field, into the things that you do, into your ministry, you will find yourself operating in the Lord’s supernatural wisdom, for the wisdom of God has become our wisdom.

Hey! Behold wisdom for your home, behold wisdom for that business, wisdom for the nation and in your workplace, wisdom for ministry, wisdom for the churches.

And time will be compressed for you, saith God. Time will be so compressed as you enter into and operate in my wisdom, and you will find yourself having control over the Kairos moments of your life, Glory to God! You will have control over the kairos moments in your life and be able to seemingly reproduce those kairos moments you desire, every day of every week of every month, in this wisdom that is imparted. Supernatural wisdom that will cause time to be compressed, that will cause you to have control over the kairos moments of your life, saith God…”

Rev Arome Adah
Week of Prophetic Prayers, Day 3 – afternoon session (4 January 2022)

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